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Wednesday, October 15th - Black Breeding Celebration Day!!!

Cum on white girls 16 more days left before this awesome, amazing, perfect, wonderful, event of Black Breeding Celebration Day (although it is defiantly more than this as it is a symbol and support for Black Racial Superiority and to show Black Men you are Black Owned)

If any of you white girls do not have a Black Husband or Boyfriend; it is time to set something up with some Black Man or Men now for the night of October 15th; do not get left out… Or go out and find a Black Man or Men this night at your local nightclubs.

On Wednesday, October 15th, all day and that evening and night; wear BLACK panties, BLACK bras, BLACK clothing; BLACK shoes; BLACK everything. As this will show your support for the Black Breeding Celebration Day and Black Racial Superiority, and also show any Black Man or Men you are ready to be fucked and Black Bred this night of Wednesday, October 15th through Sun break of Thursday morning of October 16th.

Also white girls, go get tattoos, and/or clothing before October 15th with symbols and/or words to show your support for Black Racial Superiority; or if you do not want a real tattoo, at least get a fake one of symbols or words. Such symbols as spades, or spades with a “Q”, or a queen crown, or both a queen crown with a spade, or just the words of some type of Black Racial Superiority type such as “Black Owned” or “BBC Slut” or something.

Then throughout the day white girls; flip off all or any worthless white bois you see throughout this entire day of October 15th.

Then at sundown girls; it is time to meet up with your Black Man or Men, or go and find a Black Man or Men quickly at the nightclubs. and although this should be happening almost nightly to us white girls but this event is where all us white girls can be united with being breed all night long on October 15th, and know in our thoughts while moaning and screaming, and cumming all over Big Black Superior Cocks as either one or two or three or four or ten or more Black Men fucking you, that other white girls are doing the same as you are this very night, and this unites us as a family of white girls that know our place as Black Owned wives, and/or sluts, and/or both; and also know that several of us across the country; across the world will be impregnated by either the one Black Man or one of the many Black Men that is fucking you.

Rest up girls for this night of October 15th, and rest up Black Men that are participating in fucking a white girl this night because we both must last all night until the Sun comes up; which make sense for one white girl to at least have 4 to 10 or more Black Men fucking you so that when one or two or three have filled your pussy, ass, mouth with their sweet awesome Superior Seed, that they can rest for a moment to regain their hardness and so they will be able to fuck some more, while other Black Men are still fucking you to continue to fill your pussy, ass, mouth all night long non stop.

Also it would be smart girls; if you have not already stop all your birth control pills and methods. Do not be afraid, it is our duty, it is our life, it is what we were place here on this Earth to do; and that is to become pregnant with Black Babies, which many of us will this night and many of us will not (depending on age and other things of course) but does not mean that Black Men should never stop trying to Black Bred us and always treat us as fertile.

Be proud girls and be honored to be Black Bred to be impregnated by a Black Baby. Be happy to become pregnant by a Black Baby and know your life is for this.

So cum on girls; plan your night now with a Black Man or Men so you can be ready…

Is this actually a thing?


Dream view of @mrsdarkcuckold


Dream view of @mrsdarkcuckold


If you want to take complete control of my online life and organise my new life as an escort please email me, I want you to take over!!!


If you want to take complete control of my online life and organise my new life as an escort please email me, I want you to take over!!!

What would help, and why should i?

A pimp. Don’t know

Your need for a pimp has a lot to do with the fact that you crave being exploited and used. Because you know that you are just a fuckpig right?

Yes, but you aren’t really helping

Not at all sure why you need a pimp? Look on SAAFE. Plenty of independent girls...

Because I want one!